Course Summary:

Building a management system based on the international standards customized appropriately with the characteristic of organizations is vital. Lessons learned worldwide showed that the bigger an organization is, the more important role of building a management system based on global standards has. Thus applying suitable management methods compllied with global standards will help organizations go right way, have good strategies, common processes to achieve objectives.

Course Duration: 30 days

Course Content:


Qnet built a special program CMMP Master® for functional managers. The program includes many subjects in the cooperation program with international partners which are recognized and standardized in globe. Accordingly, subjects in CMMP Master® are collected from modern international standards such as: project management with PMI standard; risk management and internal control with COSO standard, supply chain management with APICS standard, and other management standards to build an international competitive system.

Course Contents:

  • Leadership insights
  • Project management  with PMI international standard
  • Risk management and internal control with COSO standard
  • Practical human resource management
  • Financial management
  • Supply chain management with APICS standard
  • Enhance process: Six Sigma, lean manufacturing, & change management