About Qnet


QNET was founded in 2010 with well-trained staff in knowledge era, with young and dynamically technology-changed leaders, with a system of knowledge and advanced experiences in serving to knowledge organizations, with modern information technoloy (IT) facilities. QNET is a company dedicated for professional knowledge services focusing in consultancy, development of skills and management capabilities, practicing management reforms and deploying information and communiction technology services, to help organizations and businesses entering knowledge era, developing their knowledge capacities and improving quality and performance of their organizations based on information technlogy.

Vision, Mission, Goals

QNET believes that the excellence in organization capacities is driven by management knowledge and technology solutions, processes; organizations can realize their full potentials in their professional areas in changing business environmnet by practicing new management methods of kowledge organizations in knowledge era.

Vision: QNET is a knowledge services company focusing on suppoting organizations and individuals to improve their capacities and performances based on information technology and knowledge.

QNET is born in knowledge era and we would like to be pioneers in:

  • providing information technology and management services to organizations.
  • developing IT and management capabilities in organizations.
  • developing an alliance of IT practitioners - businesses - governmental offices based on trust and cooperation.

Mission: We would like to help our customers to achieve their desired results by improving their capabilities on IT and knowledge.

Goals: We would like to provide knowledge and management services solutions by

  • developing partnerships,
  • educating and training,
  • transferring consultancy services.

All our engagements are to be carefully customized to suit to organizations functioning in Việt Nam.

Core Values

  • QNET provides excellent services with quality products to help their services be realized.
  • QNET maintains strategic long-time partnerships in doing business with its customers.
  • QNET takes trust as a base for developing its business, staff and customers.
  • Quality of products and services is considered a base and most importatnce for QNET's growth.


  • Facilitate the relationship between academy, industry and government to improve quality and productivity of management activities based on technologies and knowledge.
  • Provide services on modern management based on information technology.
  • Improve knowledge and benefits to IT practitioners and organizations.

QNET's Strategy Map

QNET Development Dimensions

  • Develop staff of knowledge specialists and partner experts for supporting knowledge organizations and businesses on IT.
  • Develop a knowledge base to promote organization management on IT.
  • Consult development strategies for knowledge organizations to ministries, banks, corporations, businesses (IT human resource development, knowledge staff and knowledge organizations, knowledge processes ect.).
  • Train management skills on IT for leaders and managers in knowledge and IT organizations.
  • Develop lifelong learning environment, development new skills, both in technologies and human being, soft skills.
  • Train high technology skills based on technology company standards and advanced training on requirements.
  • Provide/hold conferences, workshops, study tours in other countries based on sectors and requirements from customers.
  • Distribute technology products specialized on sectors.